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Rubber Gloves

Work With Holloman Care

Holloman Care is always looking to expand our extended family. We have currently created over 200 jobs for families in need of help with household chores and extra income. We supply people in need with a caregiver, these caregivers handle chores and many other things that the consumer may need. Read more about CDS here.


Become a Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

Becoming a personal caregiver is a quick and easy process. You do not need any special training or experience in the medical field. 

There is a 4-step process to becoming a PCA.

1. Complete paperwork and discuss job with consumer

2. Collect 2 forms of identification (ID and SSC or ID and Birth Certificate).

3. Pass 3 required background checks.

4. Receive needed paperwork and proper clock in/out training.

Holding Hands
Assisting the Elder

 After we receive your job application, there are three background screenings that are required before we can begin the job process. Any felony offense will have to be looked at to determine if it disqualifies you from being a caregiver. Felons can still become a caregiver, but will have to fill out a Good Cause Waiver. Once the paperwork and screenings are passed, you are officially a caregiver for Holloman Health Care. We give a simple training on safety and how to clock in/out on our mobile app.  

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