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In-Home Medicaid Services

What is HCBS In-Home Services (Agency-Directed)?

In-Home personal care is a Medicaid-funded program that provides the opportunity for disabled or elderly people to receive health care in the home that is directed by the Agency. (Holloman Care)


This service is for Medicaid Participants that do not have a current caregiver. Holloman Care will provide you with one of our compassionate, well trained aides to assist you in a familiar setting.

If the Medicaid participant wishes to have their family member or friend to provide personal care assistance, our Consumer Directed Services (CDS) program would be the appropriate service to consider. Further information on this program can be found here.


Both services are COMPLETELY FREE to both the caregiver and elderly/disabled individual (consumer).

Home Nurse Making Bed

Services Provided by Holloman Care Aides

  • Personal Care

  • Advanced Personal Care

  • Medication Set-Up

  • Meal Preparation

  • Housekeeping

  • Range of Motion

  • Toileting Assistance

  • Companionship

  • Grooming

  • Mobility / Transferring

  • Bathing

  • Dressing

  • Grocery Shopping

And More!

In-Home Client Eligibility Requirements

What qualifications do I need to start recieving agency-directed services?
Have Missouri Medicaid
Have a disability
Need assistance with daily activities

Over the age of 18
Live in Missouri
If you are unsure if you qualify, call us and we will determine for you!

In-Home Aide Requirements

What qualifications do I need to become a In-Home Aide for Holloman Care?
Be 18 years old or older
Pass a required background check
At least 1 year experience in elderly care
Paid in Office training with
Holloman Care
Cannot be the spouse or family member of the Client

Contact Holloman Care below and get your services started now. We will contact you to inform you if you're eligible.

You will then be contacted by the State of Missouri to complete a in-home assessment to see exactly what you need assistance with.

The State will give us your Plan of Care after you've completed your assessment. We will train your Personal Care Attendant on everything they will need to provide you the best care possible.

  • What is the switching process like?
    Switching to Holloman Care CDS is really easy! It takes 3 minutes. Here’s the 3-step process: 1. Call us at 417-569-0755 2. The state of Missouri will call you to confirm the switch 3. You and your caregiver will sign paperwork ​Its that's simple! Call us at anytime to switch your provider. Holloman Health Care is a family oriented company, we treat all of our participants like extended family and will help with any problems you may have.
  • How can I become a personal care attendant (PCA)?
    Anyone can become a caregiver! They must be chosen by the CDS program participant (consumer). This means that family members, close friends, or anyone other than the consumers spouse can be the personal care attendant. As a consumer, you will hire, train, and give directions to your caregiver. While specific tasks may vary, most care assistants do some of the task that are listed here. You must pass a background check to qualify to be a personal care attendant. Read more about Jobs here. If you have felony charges but still want to be a care attendant, read here.
  • 4-step process to becoming a PCA (For CDS)
    1. Complete paperwork and discuss job with consumer. 2. Collect 2 forms of identification (ID and SSC or ID and Birth Certificate). 3. Pass 4 required background checks. 4. Receive needed paperwork and proper clock in/out training.
  • Can I work for/hire my family?
    Yes! You can work for your family members and friends, the only exception is your spouse. If you are wanting to be a personal care attendant, we recommend that you find out if anyone in your family has Medicaid or is struggling from a disability. It is easier to work for your own family members, you know exactly how they want things done. If you do not have a family member to work for, consider applying for our In-Home aide positions available here. All new PCAs and Aides are required to pass a background check through FCSR before allowed to work. FCSR takes about 2-3 weeks to process new hires so apply now!
  • How do our PCA's get paid?
    We pay all of our Personal Care Attendants at an hourly rate. After beginning the job, we assign a pay card to the attendant. The attendant can also set up direct deposit if they prefer. Our pay cards are easy to use and we have ATMs all over Missouri so you can withdraw your cash for free! We have over 100 attendants using these pay cards every day. PCA's can access their paystubs and other information through our portal given by Holloman Care on request. Ask a Case Manager at Holloman Care to set up direct deposit!
  • How many hours will I be paid for?
    The amount of hours allowable to work everyday is determined by Medicaid and is given on the consumers Plan of Care. The amount of hours given on the Plan of Care vary due to the amount of help the consumer is needing at home. These hours will be worked by the PCA and will be paid every two weeks. Ask a Case Manager at Holloman Care if you have more questions on this topic.
  • How do PCA's record their visits?
    We require all of our caregivers to download an app call Amber Chron Manager. Holloman Care staff will train every new PCA on how to clock in/out. Your clock in/out is sent directly to our system for pay. Our app is easy to use and is used by all 200+ of our PCA's!


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